Hi, I'm Allen.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my book. You probably want to know a little bit more about me since you clicked on my name. 

It's always weird to talk about yourself without sounding like a douche. You want to brag, but not too much. 

Let's see.. I sucked at math, in fact, I sucked at school - if that's even a proper phrase.  Also, there weren't any sport scholarships knocking on my door. But I have to say,  I'm pretty decent at leisure sports, such as ping pong, foosball and pool. I will accept any challenge. 

So what do you do when you aren't good at school and mediocre at best in sports?

You go to an art college. 

I went to my friend's fashion show at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. They were still setting up, so I decided to wander around. I stumbled upon a room full of print ads on the walls. They were all mounted on 20x30 black presentation boards. I remembered looking at each one and being entertained, one after another. I never really paid attention to ads like that. I always thought advertising was boring and just got in the way of things. I was just about to head back to the fashion show when a guy came out of his office to greet me. His name was Brian McCarthy, the Director of the Advertising at the time. He told me that they were hosting tours and told me to sign up. That tour eventually lead me to the wonderful world of advertising. 

I graduated from the Academy of Art University in the Fall of 2005. Before I graduated, I made sure to get plenty of my work on those walls, mounted and looking spiffy on that premium high-gloss photo paper. There's a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when I create. Especially creating work that I am proud of. You've already seen some of my work, hopefully you dig it. That tour I took that day, never ended. I want to continue the tour as long as this industry will have me.

 I am currently a Senior Art Director at David&Goliath, working on Jack in the Box, Kia Motors, California Lottery and Universal Studios Hollywood. Continuing to put up work on the wall. 

Oh, I almost forgot. I love to dance. That's me in the helmet below.